Advanced post slider 2.3.0 is now available. Here is the list of things added to this version

  • Centering the slideshow
  • Media query for text size
  • Padding unit for template three
  • Rel attribute for link

Previously We got several support request and mail about the centering the slideshow issue. Thanks to those guys who helps others to recover it. The tricks was simple, you just need to use


for container div. You can easily use it at you theme style-sheet. However we added option for it. You will get the option at ‘Container & Thumbnail’ section.


Previously we added all the unit like vw,em,px for font size and line height to make the slider more flexible and efficient. But still we get some issues, if someone use responsive unit like vw or em or % for then in smaller width device font size become too much smaller.

So, to over come this problem we removed those unit and added option to enter font size and line height for different width device. You will get it at ‘Title & Excerpt’ section.


Some people wants fixed padding for all devices and some wants to scale according to device width. We added option to choose right unit for you.


Last things is ‘rel’ attribute. Sometimes you may need to use ‘nofollow’ for your link. So, you can use it from this option.


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  1. Lisa Giusti

    OY! I downloaded your update, which I assumed would not alter my existing settings on this draft I am creating – perhaps my bad, I am still learning, and I could be overreacting – but I noticed my sliders were marginless. So I went in to investigate, selected your new feature, “center whole slideshow” figuring that might be the issue and my slider broke permanently. De-selecting “center whole slideshow” does not return the margins to their prior state. Is it me?

    • Lisa Giusti

      Ok, I partially figured it out. The “padding” was the issue. I reset this to “1” and all is well. Sorry for the screeching in my last comment – I was beside myself! By the way, overall, I LOVE your tool. This plugin is awesome. THANK YOU for creating a “duplicate” button on this version.

  2. Lisa Giusti

    Love, love, love this tool. Having a problem with it displaying improperly on Mozilla – only using a template that contains an excerpt as well as an image. Can you stick this fix in the next version?

  3. Matias


    I think that a future update showld be realted to the slide’s height. If I can select the widht, why not the height?

  4. Tom

    Hi, after activating the plugin, the Adv. Slider Tab in the admin area is missing. No settings possible. Any idea?

  5. Gianluca

    Hi, how can i show only sticky post fot the selected categories?