Advanced post slider 2.1.2 is released. There was a major problem in previous version with some user who used older version of Aqua Resizer in their theme. If you safely included aqua-resizer script by checking following condition then it was not an issue for you.

	if(!function_exists('aq_resize') && !class_exists('Aq_Resize'))
	//then include aqua-resizer.php (older version name)
    //Or aq_resizer.php (Latest version name)

From version 2 Advanced post slider use Aqua Resizer to resize images. The problem was when someone include older version of Aqua Resizer without checking condition its create a Fatal Error which makes whole site down.

In Advanced post slider version 2.1.2 I handled the situation and you don’t need to do anything for it.
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  1. Chuck

    Today I updated to the new version of Advanced Posts Slider and it no longer shows up on my website. I got into the settings and redid everything like I was supposed to. Using template one. I properly inserted the short code, but the slider is broken. The titles and images all show for a split second stacked all on top of each other, then everything disappears except for the top part of the border. Here’s a screenshot of what I see:×576.png (the gray line is where the slider should be) Please help.

  2. Digonto Ahsan

    Check that you select some posts and your posts have featured thumbnail. If you already did all things correctly, then provide us a live/staging/dev url to check your implementation.

    • Chuck

      I did everything right that I’m aware of as far as setting go. My articles have featured images. I’m not really sure what a live/staging/dev url is. I have published a “test page” so you can see what it shows. You should see the stuff begin to show up all overlaid on top of each other, then disappear, leaving behind the grayish border line.

      • Chuck

        I have it setup like I used to have it before the update.

        Select Post Using: Query

        Post Type: post

        Category: Chuck’s Blog

        Max Number of Posts: 10

        Order By: Date

        Slider Type: Standard

        Transitions Type: jQuery Aanimation

        I’ve tried all of the different settings, and I get the same results. Appearing for a second or two, then a grayish line border and that’s it.

        • Digonto Ahsan

          There is a javascript conflict with your implementation for that the slideshow is not loading properly. If you have some debugging tools like Firebug you can see that.

          If you able to find out which plugin is creating this conflict with Advanced post slider, write me. I will try to resolve it.

          • Chuck

            Okay, I got rid of thethefly and it worked, then I tried to install “Slider” ( and your plugin is back to it’s old tricks of showing a gray line again. So I deleted the “Slider” and now just have your plugin running for sliders, and it’s still not working. I deleted the expired cache, and current cache, still, nothing. This is becoming a bit frustrating 🙁 I really love your slider, but if conflicts continue, I may have to drop it and look into something else.

          • Digonto Ahsan

            Hello Chuck, your provided first plugin link is not correct and I tested Advanced post slider with second plugin. There is no conflict with the plugin “Slider”. I can’t suggest anything to you as I don’t have enough information.

  3. Chuck

    Thank you so much for your help Digonto. I will figure out something. I decided to keep your slider, as it really is quite lovely, and easy to load, and isn’t a resource hog. I truly appreciate you taking the time to help me try to fix these issues. It would appear that thethefly is no longer supported, as their site cannot be found. Sorry I did get a bit frustrated there toward the end in my previous comment. I do struggle with anxiety sometimes, so I say things a little hastier than I should sometimes. I hope you understand. Have a wonderful week, and thank you for providing such a great slider plugin to use 🙂

  4. Fabio

    your plugin is just amazing, but I was looking for some plugin that uses the gallery from a post.
    My idea is to use the shortcode in the post, but with the gallery from that post.
    Is there a way to do?
    Thank you

  5. Brooks

    Today I have noticed that my slider is not shown on my blog. I did update the plugin today and still nothing. Please help!

  6. Ryan

    I just updated the plugin and now I’m unable to make changes in the the adv. Slider settings. I don’t think its saving my changes. After I click save changes buttons it doesn’t appear to save. Help!

    • Digonto Ahsan

      Its tough to suggest something as I cant see your settings or manage screen. I have several test environment but don’t get this. Check that there is no conflict with other plugin. Also, check that you don’t, blocking admin ajax request.

      Another user complained me about the problem. So, I am keen to know about the reason of the issue.